Scrap Car Dealers

Tips for Avoiding Untrustworthy Car Dealers

At Take Scrap Car, we feel strongly about the potential pitfalls people might encounter when dealing with untrustworthy dealers in the scrap car industry.

To help you avoid engaging with disreputable companies and enduring poor experiences, we’re here to unmask three common tactics employed by unethical businesses you should sidestep.

Scrap car dealers frequently make enticing offers that never materialise. These companies often advertise online and in print with attractive promises like ‘we will pay a minimum of £150 for ANY car’. In truth, they are unlikely to pay £150 for most older and lower value cars, such as your 2001 Vauxhall Corsa or Nissan Micra.

Typically, such businesses are searching for specific car makes and models, or those with a high scrap value. They broadcast messages like these to encourage people to contact them, allowing them to pick and choose the cars they desire while disregarding the rest. They might even promise to pick up your car for the advertised £150, only to never show up.

At Take Scrap Car, we organise the collection of low-value scrap cars all day. We work with a nationwide network of respected scrap car dealers, offering prices based on the weight of your vehicle and the value of its salvageable parts. This guarantees you a fair price for your car and a dependable collection service.

Followed by bargaining, some companies offer a generous initial price for your scrap car, or a vague figure, only to try and negotiate it down when they arrive to collect your car. They might argue that your car’s condition is worse than you claimed, meaning it's less valuable to them, and thus they need to reduce their offer. They might point out faults that have no bearing on the car's scrap value and are, therefore, irrelevant. They may even bring up missing paperwork and claim this will impact their profit on your car.

If they try to convince you that missing your V5C will diminish your car’s value, don't buy it. Missing paperwork should not influence your car's value as you can contact the DVLA in writing instead of using the V5C. However, some dealers will resort to every tactic to decrease the price and pressure you into accepting.

At Take Scrap Car, we despise haggling. If we were interested in negotiating prices, we'd open a flea market or audition for The Apprentice! We believe in clear, upfront deals from the start. That's why we always offer a fixed price for your car and stick to it!

If you've contacted other companies before reaching out to Take Scrap Car, you might receive follow-up calls from these companies enquiring whether you've sold your car yet. If you say yes, they may probe for more details like who you've sold to and when your car is being collected.

Why do they do this? They're gathering information about the price and collection time so they can arrive just before and attempt to purchase it from you instead, masquerading as Take Scrap Car. These early birds might be unscrupulous and unregistered dealers who will bargain over the price and then improperly dispose of your car.

When you're looking to sell a scrap car, you deserve the best experience possible. At Take Scrap Car, we prioritise providing you with the highest price, a hassle-free service, and the assurance that your car will be disposed of correctly. We specialise in purchasing a wide range of vehicles, ensuring that we cater to your needs.

Additionally, we offer convenient car collection, making the process even more convenient for you. Choose Take Scrap Car for a seamless and rewarding selling experience.

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