Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Take Scrap Car?

Take Scrap Car Ltd are car recycling experts. We work with leading car recycling organisations and plants across the UK. Our aim is to provide a quick and efficient car recycling service, that gives you peace of mind that your car has been recycled safely and legally.

How can Take Scrap Car help me?

We work to get you’re the best price! We have a wide network of authorised facilities, all who bid competitively to recycle your car. This means we’re able to get you the best quote! All of our agents will provide prompt pickup, paperwork, and Certificate of Destruction where required.

How do I get a tax refund?

Inform the DVLA you sold the car using the V5C. Our driver will fill this out on pickup day and return it to you. Send this to the DVLA recorded delivery. If you don’t have a V5C, you will need to write to the DVLA stating you're not the registered keeper from the pickup date/time. Click here  for more information.

How will I receive payment?

All payments are made by bank transfer following the ‘Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013'. All bank transfers are made within 24 hours of pickup. In some instances, we may be able to provide payment via cheque – please contact us to discuss.

Is the quote guaranteed?

Yes! All of our quotes are guaranteed, however, if the car isn’t as described (i.e. damaged, missing components, etc) we may need to provide a new quote.

Will I receive more money if I deliver the car personally?

Where possible, you may have the option of delivering the car yourself and making a bit more money – please contact us to discuss.

What are the standard salvage rates?

To get a Take Scrap Car salvage quote, your car has to:

• Have a mechanically sound engine/gearbox (minor faults may be accepted)
• Be free of widespread bodywork damage
• Have domestic mileage (not used as a taxi/rent vehicle/emergency car)
• Have no parts missing
• Must not be under finance and be HPI clean

We'll call before pickup to verify the quote if any criteria are uncertain.

I received a ‘salvage’ quote - what does this mean?

A salvage quote means we may be able to salvage your car for resale, rather than scrapping it.

Why do prices differ between vehicles?

Scrap expenses depend broadly speaking on car weight - heavier cars have higher scrap value. Location also influences pricing due to shipping logistics.

Is there any paperwork for me to complete?

On pickup, the driver completes Section 9 of the V5C (Section four for brand spanking new V5Cs) for you to sign, you will then need to send this to the DVLA (recorded delivery recommended). If you do not have a V5C, write to DVLA informing them of the scrap/sale, and provide the drivers information.

What documentation is needed at pickup?

You must provide photo ID, proof of address with (current utility bill/bank statement), the vehicles keys, and if possible, the V5C. We may request spare keys and any old MOT paperwork.

How do I take care of the V5C?

The driver fills out Section nine (Section 4 on new V5Cs) and returns it to you to ship to the DVLA. If you asked a Certificate of Destruction (CoD), it will arrive within 48 hours.

What if I do not have the V5C?

We can still collect without the V5C. Note "V5C missing" while confirming pickup, and our team will verify this while contacting you. The registered keeper must tell the DVLA of the scrap/sale in writing, using the pickup drivers information.

What do I do about my insurance?

Once we have collected your vehicle, you can cancel your insurance. If you are getting a new vehicle, ask your insurance company as they may be able to replace the vehicle on the policy.

What is a Certificate of Destruction (COD)?

A Certificate of Destruction is a certificate that only an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF) can issue. The certificate also ensures your vehicle will be recycled legally and eco-friendly.

What should I do with the registration documents?

Hand over all paperwork to the Take Scrap Car driver.

What if my car isn't UK registered?

Inform the regulatory authority where it's registered about the disposal in the UK, and provide them with the relevant paperwork. We will provide all disposal paperwork and confirmation as normal.

What is an Authorised Treatment Facilities (ATF?)

Authorised Treatment Facilities are certified and authorised to soundly and responsibly manage waste - via the Environment Agency (England & Wales), Scottish EPA (Scotland), or Northern Ireland EA (Northern Ireland).

Does Take Scrap Car notify the DVLA?

On pickup, our driver will complete Section 9 (4) of the V5C for you to forward to the DVLA. Don't enter our address. If no V5C, write to DVLA about the sale/scrap, and give pickup driver info.

Why do you need photo ID?

The Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013 requires us to verify your identity via photo ID and a recent utility bill or bank statement.

Will I receive a receipt?

Yes, we will e-mail with all applicable information and confirmation. You can print this for your records.

What if I do not have a key?

Please include this in your initial quote enquiry, this will help us to make any necessary arrangements, and give the most accurate quote.

Will Take Scrap Car collect my vehicle?

Yes! Our agents will come and collect your vehicle, at a time that suits you.

How can I confirm that the agent collecting is an authorised TSC partner?

If you have any concerns about the agent collecting your cars authenticity, please contact us right away on 0123 4630 975.

Can you collect a vehicle with flat tyres or without wheels?

Please let us know when organising your quote of any defects, including flat tyres or missing wheels, as this may affect the quotation and our teams collection capabilities.

Do I need to be present for the collection?

No, however, a family member will need to be present and have valid ID. We do ask that you notify us if you are unable to be present for the collection.

When can you collect my vehicle?

All pickup times and locations are to be pre-arranged with our agents – however, most supply am/pm time slots and a 1 hour window.

We can often collect the same or subsequent day depending on availability. Average nationwide wait is two-three operating days.

How do I claim my automobile SORN?

You can declare SORN online or by telephone. Failure to declare your vehicle as SORN within 14 days may result in a fine.

Do you remove personal items from the vehicle?

No. Please ensure you have removed all personal items and rubbish from the car prior to collection, failure to do so may result in a charge for a wasted journey.

Do you operate over holidays?

Please click here to see our hours of operation – if you are requiring a collection on a holiday please get in touch to see if our team will be available.

What is a ‘waste providers licence’?

A waste providers licence is an obligatory certification from the Environmental Agency for transporting waste commercially. All of our partners have a valid, modern-day waste carrier's licence.

What does ELV stand for?

ELV is 'End of Life Vehicle', meaning a vehicle that has reached the end of usefulness, usually from wear and tear. Vehicles written off because of irreparable harm are also ELVs.

Are on-line fees constant?

Scrap quotes are guaranteed. Salvage prices for cars with reusable components will be confirmed prior to collection.

How does your quoting procedure work?

We first provide a Scrap Value based on weight and location.

Can you collect my vehicle from storage?

Yes! We can collect your vehicle from any location – please call us to discuss!

What records do I need?

It can be useful, especially for salvage, to have your paperwork to hand such as MOT’s, service records, etc.

Can I keep the stereo?

If it's not the original stereo and has been retrofitted, yes. For manufacturers stereos, these are considered when providing you with your quote, so removal may alter your final price.

Do you purchase commercial vehicles?

Yes, typically up to 3500kg.

Do you purchase caravans?

Unfortunately, no we do not purchase caravans at this time.

Do you purchase unusual cars?

Yes! We’ve even purchased London Zoo Buggies – give us a call on 0123 4630 975 to discuss any unusual cars or vehicles.

How many quotes can I have per day?

TSC customers can have 3 quotes per day. Those with a Trade Account get unlimited quotes - call for us for more information.

Are all collections free?

Yes, all quotes take into consideration the cost to collect and won’t be deducted from your final price.

Are there locations you cannot reach?

We have a large network of ATF’s meaning we’re able to collect from across the UK. However, if you live somewhere remote please do get in touch and see if we can help!

Other companies have let me down, will TSC?

At TSC, we gather all ELVs no matter the scrap value! If we give you a quote, we will collect your vehicle.

I have not heard from the collection agent, what should I do?

If you haven’t heard from your collection agent, please call them. If you are unable to reach them please call us on 0123 4630 975.

My vehicle wasn’t collected, what do I do?

If you’re vehicle hasn’t been collected by our team, please call us immediately on 0123 4630 975.

Will my vehicle be reused and recycled?

Most vehicles are dismantled for components and then recycled, especially when you have asked for a CoD. Without a CoD, all vehicles can be resold. If you fail to ask for a CoD the ATF will come to a decision on what to do with the vehicle.

What if my payment wasn't processed?

If you haven’t received payment please call us immediately on 0123 4630 975.

What if I experience issues with the ATF?

If you encounter any issues please call us immediately on 0123 4630 975.

Will I be paid prior to collection?

Unfortunately, we cannot before we have collected the car.

Does selling through TSC create a contract?

Accepting the quote into an agreement, however, if you need to cancel please get in touch.

Are there any deductions from my quote for admin fees?

We do not deduct anything! All admin fees and bank transfer costs are free.

I have fuel in the tank, will this increase the quote?

Whilst it is rare that remaining fuel adds a fee, please do let us know when requesting your quote and our team can take a look.

Can you help if my vehicle has broken down on the roadside?

If your vehicle breaks down, you will need to have your vehicle recovered to a residential address in order for our team to collect it for scrap or salvage.

How will I know when my quote is ready?

We will notify you of your quote via SMS or email.

What if my automobile tax is expiring?

If your tax is expiring prior to collection you will either need to renew (if you intend to keep the vehicle on the road) or declare SORN.

What if I do not have photograph ID?

If you can't offer valid picture ID like a license or passport, a family member with valid photo ID and proof of address may be accepted.

What if I don't have a utility bill?

You can use a bank statement, Council Tax invoice, or if your bills are online, you can download a copy.

I changed my mind after accepting the quote. Can I cancel?

Contact us immediately to cancel the booking. By accepting a quote, you have entered into an agreement with TSC, and cancellation is at our discretion. We need a minimum of 6 hours prior to pickup to consider a cancellation.

Can I accept an expired quote?

All quotes are valid for 7 days, if your quote has expired please get in touch and we will see if we are able to honour the quote given.

What if I'm now not the registered keeper?

Being the registered keeper isn't always required. If you are scrapping the car, we will require your picture ID and proof of address to verify collection.

Can I become a TSC member?

If you want to work with us, please email us at [email protected].

How do I provide my ID and proof of address?

You can upload them whilst reserving online, or the driver can verify them on pickup and upload to our system for you.

What if my insurer requested a CoD?

When requesting your quote, please let us know you would like a CoD. It takes 2-3 working days after pick-up. By requesting a CoD, the car can only be recycled, not salvaged. If we have offered you a price for salvage but you need a CoD, please call us on 0123 4630 975.

Will you collect a vehicle with an LPG machine?

It depends on your region, as scrapping LPG structures requires specialist facilities. Note "LPG Conversion" when requesting a quote and our team will be in touch to let you know whether we’re able to collect.

We'll get you the best price for your scrap / salvage car